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A complete understanding of the human body for a lifetime of health


Dr. Jack Mantione’s intuition and global search has led to a unique method of rehabilitating, healing, and improving individuals with chronic conditions, pain and nagging injuries. He has developed a cutting-edge approach to medical sports training for the professional athlete that both prevents injuries and provides a healthy alternative to steroids: The Mantione Method™.

Through a lifetime of researching every muscle, joint, and fiber, Dr. Mantione knows the exact consequences of every body movement. You see, he looks at every muscle, joint, and tissue before he even looks at your problem area, so he understands the entire situation for a comprehensive, staying solution.


“ Like any good detective given a set of clues, one must work backward in order to solve the case. To achieve optimal performance and prevent injury, medical professionals, sports trainers, and fitness trainers must do the same.”

-Dr. Jack Mantione


Dr. Mantione also holds a profound appreciation for women’s health – he has developed specialized medical fitness training and aesthetic programs for women. Because he’s capable of looking beyond his research into the real world, he saw that there are not enough specialists for women.

Dr. Mantione provides healing specific to the sophistication of a woman’s body.


With Dr. Mantione, it’s not just about healing you, it’s about letting you live the life you want and deserve, on and off the field. You will always be treated as a human first, and a patient second.


“Jack Mantione is a talented physical therapist and fitness professional. He is the rare individual who can combine an understanding of how the body works with the ability to help it again become strong. He has achieved incredible results with my patients where other physical therapists have failed.

I enthusiastically recommend him.”

−Dr. Jacqueline Jones, New York Magazine Best Doctors, Castle & Connelly’s The Best Doctors in America